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ABB Cabinet Built Drives ACS580-07(75Kw-500Kw)

ABB Cabinet Built Drives ACS580-07(75Kw-500Kw)


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For many purposes: The ACS580-07 is ready to control many applications including, mixers, extruders, compressors, centrifuges, and fans, also installed in potentially explosive environment.


Easy to order: An EMC filter, chokes, assistant control panel, Modbus RTU, STO and
installation tools are included as standard

Fast to get: Cabinet-built ACS580-07 drives are delivered fast from
the factory.

Easy to use: Application control is easy to setup through
the assistant control panel. Also other all-compatible
ACS580 user interfaces can be used with the ACS580-07.

Easy to maintain: Smartly positioned fans and filters
ensure the longevity of the drive and its components.
When it is time to do maintenance, the necessary
components are in easily accessible locations.

EMC tested: All cabinet-built ACS580-07 drives
are tested by 3 rd party facilities and have certified
results for emitted radiations in accordance to
IEC 61800-3ED.2:2004+A1(2011). R6-R9 are classified
as C2 and R10-R11 as C3.

Thermal tested: The thermal properties are tested in
accordance to IEC 61800-5-1:2007 and UL61800-5-1 1 st
ed. 2012 standards to ensure the environment and
operators stay safe in all operating conditions. Be it a
premature fan failure or clogged environmental filters to
restrict the cooling capabilities, the tests verify that the
equipment is self-protecting it at all times.

Adaptable to harsh environments: High enclosure classes and
unique cooling system ensure the units stay cool even in harsh
environments with air pollution.

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ACS580-07 cabinet built drives ( 75Kw- 500Kw)