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ABB General Purpose Drives ACS580-01(up to 250Kw ) Wall Mount

ABB General Purpose Drives ACS580-01(up to 250Kw ) Wall Mount


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The ACS580-01(Upto 250Kw) is plug-in ready to control your compressors, conveyors, pumps, extruders, centrifuges, mixers, fans and many other variable and constant torque applications, in a variety of light industries, including food and beverage, plastic, textile, material handling, and agriculture. All essential features are built-in as standard, simplifying drive selection, and making additional hardware unnecessary. Versatile and straightforward settings menu and assistants enable fast setup, commissioning, use and maintenance, while rugged and robust design makes it a good fit for various environments. With the ACS580 drives you can easily take full control of your processes to comprehensively manage your plant. The wall-mounted ACS580-01 comes in IP21 enclosure as standard. Also, IP55 and flange mounting units are available
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ABB wall mount drives upto 250KW