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ABB synchronous Reluctance motors(1.1Kw-315Kw)

ABB synchronous Reluctance motors(1.1Kw-315Kw)


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ABB synRM motors(1.1Kw-315Kw for normal environment & 5.5Kw-315Kw for Ex Environment)

40 percent lower energy losses in the most challenging of spaces

hazardous areas Cooler-running motor ensures a cost-efficient and competitive solution for increased reliability, lower maintenance needs and a longer life

Key Benefits

High energy efficiency ( IE5) : Proven to be 40% more energy effiecient to Induction Motors

Ultimate efficiency and reliability to optimize your cost of ownership. The idea is simple. Take a conventional, proven stator technology and a innovative rotor design. Then combine them with a best-in-class ABB drive loaded with new, purpose-designed software.

 Magnet-free design

Synchronous reluctance technology combines the performance of the permanent magnet motor with the simplicity and service-friendliness of an induction motor. The rotor has neither magnets nor windings and suffers virtually no power losses. And because there are no magnetic forces in the rotor, maintenance is as straightforward as with induction motors.

Full Motor Control Down to Zero speed

Full motor control, down to zero speed Many processes require accurate speed control.
As the name says, SynRM is a synchronous motor that always runs at reference speed with practically no error, without an encoder. Even the best slip compensation systems in an induction motor inverter will never match the precision of SynRM. Sometimes your application may require you to run your motor at slow speeds, for example at less than 40 rpm. If you are using SynRM and your drive cannot provide the necessary torque, it may trip. This means you may have downtime while the problem is being debugged. ABB drives provide full control and torque down to zero speed, even without speed sensors.

Perfect for retrofits

The IE5 SynRM motor is a perfect solution for motor retrofits. It is the same size as an IE2 induction motor, eliminating the need for mechanical modifications. The increased efficiency will, on the other hand, reduce the payback time of the investment.

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Why you should upgrade to Synchronous reluctance motors?

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 Please contact out team for more information. We can help you become more energy efficient with this state of art technology.

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