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Active power Transducer AWT190

Active power Transducer AWT190


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The AWT190 has been designed to convert the instantaneous power
measurement in a single phase or 3 phase (3 or 4 wire) balanced load
system into a standard DC output signal that is proportional to the
measured value. The DC signal is suitable for driving measurement
and/or control equipment either at the measurement point or at a remote
location. Input voltages of 63.5 to 415V and input currents of 0.5 to 10A
can be connected directly to the transducer terminals, or inputs can be
connected via external current and voltage transformers. Internal
transformers provide galvanic isolation between, input voltage, input
current and power supply circuits. The output signal can be uni-
directional, bi-directional or offset. The output signal level is indicated by
a green LED on the front that gives a clear indication of module function.
Final calibration is trimmed using the front accessible 'offs' and 'span'
15-turn trim adjustments. Various power supply choices are available
ranging from 415Vac down to 12Vdc. These transducers are Australian
designed and manufactured and offer a vast range of input to output
combinations. The design is fully solid state - for long term stability.
These transducers have been designed to class 0.2 AS1384-1973 and comply with BS6253 and IEC688.
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Active Power Transducer AWT190