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CTS for Protection

CTS for Protection


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 Cast resin current transformers are available to use  on systems upto 36kv for both metering and protection applications. These CTs can be produced to be able to use with different manufacturer's protection relays .

Typically the range includes:

  • BCT range for voltages up to 1.1kV
  • HVM range for voltages up to 12kV
  • Imported range for voltages up to 36kV

Current transformers can be supplied for both internal and outdoor applications, for internal applications a standard epoxy resin is used however for outdoor applications transformers are cast in UV stabilised cycloaliphatic resin.

All Cts are of compact design, with high mechanical and dielectric strength, using nonhygroscopic and non hazardous materials.

Stemar can manufacture cast resin CTS in a large number of configurations for applications

  • GIS switchgear
  • Air Insulated MV switchgear
  • Dead Tank circuit Breakers
  • Outdoor Substation
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BCT range of Current Transformers