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Meanwell DC-DC Converter DDR(15W-60W)

Meanwell DC-DC Converter DDR(15W-60W)


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DDR-15G-12(15W)   input:  9-36V    Output: 12V

DDR-15G-24(15W)   Input: 9-36V     Output: 24V

DDR-15G-15(15W)   Input: 9-36V     Output: 15V

DDR-30G-12(30W)   input:  9-36V    Output: 12V

DDR-30G-24(30W)   Input: 9-36V     Output: 24V

DDR-30G-15(30W)   Input: 9-36V     Output: 15V

DDR-60G-12(60W)   input:  9-36V    Output: 12V

DDR-60G-24(60W)   Input: 9-36V     Output: 24V

DDR-60G-15(60W)   Input: 9-36V     Output: 15V

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