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Omron NX series Safety PLCS NX-SL3300/3500

Omron NX series Safety PLCS NX-SL3300/3500


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Omron NX-SL3300 and SL3500 safety CPU's  provide flexible safety solutions. These safety CPU's can be used as a standalone safety PLC with Ethernet/IP coupler (NX-EIC202)  or can be used with EtherCAT coupler ( NX-ECC202/203) to provide Safety distributed over EtherCAT networks. They can work seamlessly with third party PLC's and can exchange data over Ethernet/IP.

NX-SL3300 can handle up to 256 safety I/O points whereas NX-SL3500 can support up to 1024 safety points.

NX-SL3300/3500 CPU's can also be fitted to Omron NX series PLC racks.

Sysmac studio offers a set of unique functions to make functional safety management easier as safety signature check and online function verification. In addition, reduce the design cycle with automatic programming and simple automatic test.

Omron Safety Standalone solution

NX-Sl3300-3500 Datasheet

Ethernet/IP coupler datasheet




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