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Omron Programmable Relays ZEN

Omron Programmable Relays ZEN


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Even Broader Applications with Increased
Functionality and Higher Precision


• Increased functionality in a compact body (70 mm wide × 90 mm
• Easy programming is available using the LCD and operation
buttons. (See note 1.)
• This single Unit easily provides relay, timer, counter, and time
switch functions.
• Expansion is easy with Expansion I/O Units, allowing up to 44
I/O points. (See note 2.)
• Economy-type and Communications-type CPU Units have been
added to series.
• Improved Weekly Timers (See note 1.)
Increased timing accuracy with a monthly deviation of ±15 s
max. Multiple-day operation and pulse output operation have
been added.
• Select from two power supply options:
100 to 240 VAC or 12 to 24 VDC.

Note: 1. Not supported for ZEN-@C2@@-@-V2 models.
          2. When using CPU Units with 20 I/O points.

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