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Omron TM series Collaborative Robots

Omron TM series Collaborative Robots


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Built-in vision camera in every model

Our built-in vision system allows for quick setup of pick-and-place tasks, with the help of easy hand guiding and landmark positioning.

TMvision and landmark simplify reference location.

A landmark is a physical object that can be recognized by the robot’s built-in camera, and acts as a beacon to help the robot navigate. The robot uses a Landmark as a reference point so it can better locate objects within the workspace.

During high-mix, low-volume production with quick changeovers, customers can redeploy the robot without spending time to recalibrate the vision system.


Easy to use graphical programming system.

Our innovative programming allows users to automate a task with flow-based software, creating full workflows with a click-and-drag method in TMflow. Via Operator Platform, building an application software layout is very intuitive by drag and drop visual elements, no need for trial and error via complex coding.

Integratable with mobile robots.


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