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Signal Splitter SL335

Signal Splitter SL335


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The SL335 is a field configurable isolating converter/splitter providing true 4-way galvanic isolation up to 1800Vrms for standard process signals. On standard models are 3 x 16 position encoder switches under a door flap to set input and output ranges. All models also have a user range set using the SL300 configuration software.

  • Small 12.4mm case.
  • Wide range ac/dc power supply.
  • Precision digital measurement and digital to analogue output after the isolation barrier. This removes all errors associated with the isolation process and ensures faster input to output response.
  • (When fitted) 1100 input to output range combinations using the three encoder switches mounted under the top door, no recalibration is necessary.
  • Models supplied without the range switches are supplied at a reduced cost and provide a higher level of security on range / calibration settings.
  • All models include an independent user range.
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Signal Splitter SL335